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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Time for a joke

What kind of joke do you post in a technoblog? Well, here's one from S - Blog:

An SGML fan, an XML fan, and an HTML fan are watching a movie when they notice smoke coming out of a trashcan.

The SGML fan says "We must convince the theater management to hire an expert to write a DTD for emergency-announcements, and sell them an expensive application for archiving announcements, and get them to hire a team to convert all their old announcements to SGML!"

The XML fan says, "There's no time for that! We must train all the audience members to recognise XML, and then start a committee to investigate the possibility of starting negotiations to form a working group to write a paper on the future evolution of emergency-announcement semantics!"

[click here for the rest of the joke]

S - blog took this from molly.com. Molly E. Holzschlag got it from Lisa Rein, and Molly also notes that it was posted to comp.text.xml by Jorn Barger.


Anonymous Dave Elvin said...

Jorn rocks hard.

Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

Ah, but can he drum?


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