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Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Technical Examination of Daily Dancer

I never thought I'd be mentioning Daily Dancer in the Ontario Technoblog, but after his latest dance, I was moved to do so.

First, a little bit about Daily Dancer for those who haven't heard of him.

So I done visited Mitzzee's blog Ooh La La (she's from the northern Ontario, y'know) and ran across this post:


"This guy" goes by the name Daily Dancer, and is a self-described "computer geek who loves to dance." His blog includes wmv files of Daily Dancer, in a small apartment living room, dancing to about a minute of some pop hit....

Man. The guy has balls, AND he's a better dancer than I. The world is interesting at times.

Although I subsequently suspected that the website was just created for purposes of a contest, Daily Dancer set me straight on that:

Ahhh, yes, I am in the contest, but I had ideas for this site long before I heard of the contest. I just thought the contest would be a cool way to launch my site. I hope to keep this thing going even after the contest ends. I'm glad you like my site.
- Daily Dancer

P.S. By mentioning the other sites in the contest, you are helping them to get even farther ahead. :)

And, I'm adding a link to your blog.

posted by Daily Dancer : Monday, June 06, 2005 6:27:18 AM

Well, even after the contest ended, Daily Dancer kept on dancing, posting several dances a week. None of this necessarily merits mention in the Technoblog, but then I ran across this dance.

...And today, we have... Jacko!

Yeah, my girlfriend can't stand Michael Jackson, but since this is a very special occasion, she let me have this one song. Enjoy!

This is one of the first dances that is available in two formats. In addition to .wmv format, .mov format is now also supported.

Follow the link and click on the format of your choice. The first few seconds look almost like any Daily Dancer video - there he is, dancing in his living room, with the only odd thing being the pumpkin in front of him. Oh - and he's wearing one glove.

Ten seconds into the dance, the effects begin. I am not an expert on video special effects, so I can only describe them as I see them:

  • Daily Dancer goes ghostly - his body is partially transparent, and is glowing white.

  • After a while, Daily Dancer's body returns to normal, but all the objects around him look like neon in the darkness.

  • Everything then returns to normal, except for his body being slightly transparent.

Well, I can't really do it justice. But just think - back when the original "Thriller" video was released, it cost oodles of money. Today, a guy in a living room can apply special effects on the cheap. (And better still, Daily Dancer does not give "Jesus juice" to young boys.)

If someone more knowledgeable than me can explain the video production techniques, please do so in the comments.


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