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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chip Wars at the Computer Manufacturer Level? Something is fishy

IBM has released a white paper that extols the virtues of the IBM Power architecture over the Itanium architecture. Author: Clabby Analytics.

Meanwhile, a separate report indicates that there are strengths in each of the competing 64-bit architectures. Regarding Itanium, the report says:

Intel's Itanium is well positioned because it can run Windows .NET and Unix/Linux J2EE environments -- and it has solid parallelization and multi- core plans...

Author of THIS report? Clabby Analytics. Does your head spin around?

Regular readers will remember Clabby Analytics and its chief prognosticator Joe Clabby. It was he who was touched by St. Fister in 2004 and cured of all Itanic wickedness. Itanium's apparent 2004 sales ramp and ISV embrace had turned Clabby into an EPIC believer.

Well, Clabby believes no more.

Where IDC championed the recent $10bn fund raising effort by the Itanium Solutions Alliance (ISA), Clabby, in a fresh report, has questioned how effective such an investment will be. He also urged readers to consider what Dell and IBM's abandonment of Itanium means to the chip's future, how ever improving x86 64-bit chips will challenge sales and how the RISC advancements made by IBM and Sun Microsystems will affect Intel's 64-bit dynamo.

Detractors will say that Clabby received funds from IBM for his initial anti-Itanium report and then got more funds from HP for his 2004 pro-Itanium report and is now back in IBM's pocket again with the new diatribe against Itanic. Frankly, we don't care.

For the latest version, be sure to visit Clabby Analytics. Clabby is the one in the middle.


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