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Friday, September 02, 2005

Associated Press (courtesy DigitalGlobe) Offers Zoomable Satellite View of New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina

Click here to access AP's satellite view of New Orleans. Controls allow you to zoom in on the image.

According to AP (courtesy Yahoo):

The image's resolution is high, at 2.4 meters per pixel. It is posted in a format that allows quick viewing of any area a user zooms in on. Users can quickly see what areas are under water and what structures are still standing.

The initial image was taken Wednesday and supplied by the company DigitalGlobe. AP will offer updated satellite images as as they become available.

If you go to DigitalGlobe's website, however, they mention partners other than AP and Yahoo. This is what they said:

DigitalGlobe is aware of the extreme humanitarian need in the communities impacted by Hurricane Katrina and is making every effort possible to collect useable satellite imagery of the impacted areas. We have five potential satellite accesses planned for the next week.

Weather conditions permitting, this imagery will be posted on our website and available through our partners.

DigitalGlobe, Google and GlobeXplorer (www.globexplorer.com) are working closely to provide the updated imagery via Google Maps, Google Earth, and the GlobeXplorer suite of products including ImageAtlas as quickly as is possible.

Please visit our website periodically throughout the next days in order to get updates on newly available imagery.


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