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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I don't think that I've mentioned the e-Symposia in this blog before. I have in my general interest blog (on 22 July and 31 August).

The e-Symposia are fascinating, both from a content perspective and a delivery perspective. For the content of the next e-Symposium, see below. Regarding delivery, these are delivered over a web connection and are available to professionals all over the world. The e-Symposia people make money from sponsorships, the presenters get to hawk their wares, the virtual attendees learn a thing or two, and everyone is happy.

Here's the latest message from Val Genton:

From: "valgenton"
Date: Wed Sep 14, 2005 7:37 am
Subject: Free Global Biometrics Web Conference With World-Leading Experts

Dear Colleagues,

World-leading experts (see below) have confirmed their participation
as speakers at the Biometrics E-Symposiumâ„¢, 28 September 2005
http://www.biometrics.e-symposium.com. Organised by e-symposium Ltd
in association with the iAfB, the IBIA, the EBF and the BI, this
pioneering international web conference will see some of the
industry's most influential experts engaging in presentations and
round table debates. The online nature of the `e-vent' means that
delegates around the world can tune in to live and archived
presentations from the convenience of their own workplace and submit
questions to the experts.

System requirements are very basic (a soundcard and an Internet
connection), no plug-in or software are required to join in and
registration is free of charge.

Program Highlights:

Gary McDonald (Chairman, New Technologies Working Group, ICAO)
>> Opening Keynote

Asa Hutchinson (Former Under Secretary for Border & Transportation
Security, White House & Chair of Venable's Homeland Security Group)
>> Closing Keynote

Dr Frank Paul (Head of Unit "Large-scale IT systems", European
>> Large-Scale Biometrics Systems

Maxine Most (Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence)
Omid Omidvar (Program Manager, Advanced Technology Program, NIST)
Carter Morris (Chair, Interoperability Consortium, American
Association of Airport Executives)
>> Round Table: Evolution of the Biometrics Market - Wishful
Thinking vs. Practical Reality

Philip Statham (CESC Biometrics Program Manager & Chairman of the UK
Government Biometrics Working Group)
>> Biometric Security and Security Evaluation

Axel Munde (Head of Biometrics, German Information Security Agency)
>> Conformity Assessment

John Daugman (Professor, Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University)
>> Iris Recognition

Raj Nanavati (Partner, International Biometric Group)
Scott Moody (President & CEO, AuthenTec, Inc.)
Angela Sasse (Professor of Human-Centred Technology, University
College London)
>> Round Table: Consumer Acceptance of Biometrics

Dr. Fred Preston (Director of Identification, Police Information
Technology Organisation
>> Biometrics in Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

Bob Mocny (Deputy Director, US-VISIT, U.S. Department of Homeland
>> US-VISIT Update

Randy Vanderhoof (Executive Director, Smart Card Alliance)
Christer Bergman (President & CEO, Precise Biometrics)
Joseph Kim (Associate Director of Consulting, International
Biometric Group)
>> Round Table: Combining Biometrics and Smart Cards

Henning Daum (IGD, Security Technology Division, Fraunhofer
>> 3D Face Recognition Testing

Walter Hamilton (Chairman, International Biometric Industry
Association, VP and General Manager, Biometric Solutions for SAFLINK
Clive Reedman (Chair, International Association for Biometrics &
Consultant UK Passport Service)
Martin Walsh (Chairman, European Biometric Forum)
Ted Dunstone (Chair, Technical Committee, Biometrics Institute &
CEO, Biometix)
>> Round Table: Towards International Biometrics Standards

Other presentations will tackle cutting edge topics such as
Passports and ID Cards, Identity Theft of Biometric Security
Systems, AFIS & APIS Systems, UBID - The Universal Biometric
Identification Vision, Determination of Iris Colour from DNA, New
Biometric Applications, Biometric Solutions and Optical Memory Cards.

For more information on the Biometrics E-Symposiumâ„¢ and to register
free of charge, please visit http://www.biometrics.e-symposium.com.

Kind regards,

Val-Pierre Genton
Biometrics E-Symposiumâ„¢ Chair,
CEO & Managing Director
e-symposium Ltd
Tel. +44 (0)20 7613 0800
Fax +44 (0)20 7613 0801....

Here are some other presentations that will be given:

Speaker [confirmed] Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Stream
Zeno Geradts
[Netherlands Forensic Institute, Ministry of Justice]
Presentation Title
Identity Theft of Biometric Security Systems - The Forensic View

Sponsor Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Stream
Joan Vitt
[President AFIXTracker]
Presentation Title

Speaker [pending] Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Stream
Michael Thompson
[Senior Fingerprint Expert, CENTREX]
Presentation Title

Sponsor Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Stream
Richard Gabriel
[President & CEO DNAPrint Genomics, Inc.]
Presentation Title


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