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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

If you're not going to hate Bill Gates, you might as well hate Steve Jobs

Tim Hibbard links to the following:

(Wells' Blog)

I'm perfectly willing to forget about qttask.exe. I mean nowadays it comes with no surprise when a program adds itself to the startup, and keeps adding itself to the startup even when you have deleted it and explicitly told it not to add itself to the startup....

(One Stack Mind)

I hate Quicktime (which, as I understand it, has been integrated into iTunes). I hate Quicktime so much, in fact, that I decided to get a non-iPod MP3 player. I’d never been a big fan of the software, but the more recent releases seem to want to take over everything on my computer, and most of the time, if something looks interesting, but is presented in Quicktime, I’ll pass over it....


If you like Apple, fine...if you don't care about a lot of options and would prefer to have Apple choose everything for you, fine. I will admit the iPod is a nice MP3 player, and for the moment, I wouldn't mind owning the "top of the line" PowerBook or dual proc G5. However, I don't like people/companies dictating to me what I want.
I hate QuickTime, always have and always will. I don't like the pop-ups everytime I click on a QT link. Yeah, I know there are hacks on the Internet, but let's be honest...People expect a secure Windows OS and I expect no pop-ups from web applications. I don't get them w/Flash, so why should I accept it from Apple's QT?
If people say that I need to stop bitching and do the hack, then I say shut the fuck up about Window's security, because there are hacks and programs to fix that too.
From this day forward, I won't ever buy an iPod and I DEFINITELY won't let QuickTime grace my computer again. I don't like to be forced to do anything, especially by Apple or Microsoft. You want a lot of people to see your shit, then get with the rest of the world and use MPEG or AVI. If you want to be a pseudo-rebel, then keep on, because not everyone will see your shit, and I know for a fact that I'm not the only person who hates QuickTime. If you have a hard time conceptualizing this, then you belong on a Mac and you deserve to have just the few stupid people willing to see your stuff. Outside Apple's world there are other innovations that Apple, like Microsoft, copies. The key word here is copies, more people are using the original.

Well, while there are other people (such as muse_madness and Aquarius) who hate Quicktime for other reasons, Tim Hibbard suggests a solution for the three people quoted above - QuickTime Killer.

This application is intended for people that use or consume Sprint Video Mail, as Sprint uses QuickTime for viewing thier movies. (or anybody that hates QuickTime) Of course, as soon as QuickTime is ran, it adds itself to startup, which is very annoying to me. This application will remove QuickTime from start up and kill any running QuickTime processes. This application runs silently at start up and closes itself as soon as it takes care of QuickTime.

I've never had a religious antipathy towards QuickTime...it's just RealPlayer that drives me up the wall.


Anonymous SomeDude said...

I hate RealPlayer with a passion, its on the top of my list followed by QuickTime

Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

QuickTime has never (to my knowledge) caused a system problem for me, while RealPlayer has.

I'm probably less averse to QuickTime because I worked for a Macintosh software developer in the late 1980s. However, I ended up getting laid off because they took too long to get their Windows version of their software out.

Anonymous tayker said...

I'm not a big fan of real player either. However, as rabid as Apple fans are (BTW, I ended up buying another iPod and have a PowerBook), iTunes and QuickTime have cemented Apple a spot higher than Microsoft when it comes to forcing people to use something. IE might stink, but at least I can still use FireFox or Opera. If I'm tired of Windows, I can run Linux on my computer. If I download a WMA file, I can listen to it on almost any player or in any program. I'm forced to use iTunes, and QuickTime is embedded into iTunes like Internet Explorer is to Windows. Apple is extremely tight-fisted about its products, and their rabid fans readily accept everything that Apple hands them, and that's sad. I don't like everything by MS and I don't like everything from the equally guilty, if not more so, Apple.
IRT QT, I've deleted the QTask file and use Nero to play all my .MOV files. However, I'm shackled to QuickTime for my iTunes-bought videos. As for managing my MP3s, I use Anapod Explorer. I've taken back most of the control of my MP3s, now it's a video war.


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