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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Are You Sure Abe Lincoln Done It This Way?

As evidence mounts that evidence is mounting (since evidence counts in large amounts), legal professionals need access to all of this information. Enter Renew Data:

ActiveVaultâ„¢ Evidence Management Platform

RenewData's ActiveVault Evidence Management Platform ("ActiveVault EMP") is the electronic evidence industry's leading technology platform for media and data extraction, native file filtering and production output. This patent-pending platform is designed for rapid execution of large scale projects enabling large volumes of data to be processed in the most expeditious manner. The ActiveVault EMP is designed to ensure that legal professionals can achieve their schedules, maintain high levels of quality and control the expense of electronic evidence management. This proprietary platform is not sold or licensed as a separate product and is the foundation of RenewData's unique service offering....

Here's how the technology can be used:

Challenge: A global financial and insurance institution under SEC investigation preservation orders, for the past year, was under subpoena to produce and deliver emails and user files going back several years. The company was backing up 45TB's of data every day to meet the court's preservation orders. In addition, the company had 13 locations that all used different backup systems and environments making it even more difficult to produce and deliver the required data.

Solution: The company turned to RenewData for a solution that could extract large volumes of data from multiple, complex backup environments for production. In addition, the company needed a solution for producing evidence for follow on and similar matters. RenewData quickly and cost-effectively extracted the Exchange and Lotus emails, producing backups for every 6 months, then archived the data for follow on matters to the investigation. The patent-pending, non-native environment extraction technology and single-instance storage in RenewData's ActiveVault Extraction Suite enabled efficient processing of the large volumes of data and reduced the amount of data to be archived.

Results: RenewData was able to exceed the company's data extraction requirements with a highly scalable extraction solution and continues production for follow on matters, as well as archiving the company's data on an ongoing basis. In addition, RenewData's ActiveVault Preservation Manager has enabled the company to archive the company's data for future matters and investigations, thus avoiding duplication of the extraction process and enabling the company to implement retention and destruction policies.


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