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Friday, October 07, 2005

Microsoft. Security.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Microsoft Corp. is gearing up to release a subscription service that will make it easier for network technicians at big businesses to make sure computers don't fall prey to spyware or virus attacks.

The world's largest software maker said Thursday it will release a test version of the service by the end of the year.

Scott Stanzel, senior product manager in Microsoft's security technology unit, said Client Protection, as the company is calling it, will be similar to Windows OneCare, an all-in-one service the company is working on to bolster security for personal computers.

The Redmond, Wash., company has not said how much the service will cost or when it will be available in final form....

From zdnet:

The eagerly anticipated news from Microsoft came today from CEO Steve Ballmer and VP of Security Technology Unit Mike Nash in Munich, Germany. The announcements included plans to release Microsoft® Client Protection, an enterprise solution for businesses that protects company networks and servers from malware threats. Microsoft also announced the creation of SecureIT Alliance, to "further enable participating security partners to efficiently integrate their solutions with the Microsoft platform to build new security features and products for the benefit of their common customers."...

Plans were also announced to release Microsoft's new Antigen application, an integrated anti-spam and anti-virus for messaging and collaboration servers based on technology from Sybari, a recent Microsoft acquisition. Microsoft Antigen for Exchange is anticipated to be available in beta in the first half of 2006....

And Symantec has demanded an investigation:

Symantec has responded to the disclosure of Microsoft Client Protection by appealing to EU antitrust regulators to consider whether or not another case against Microsoft is warranted, IDG reports.

Microsoft announced its Client Protection package, a combination of anti-spyware and antivirus technologies, is in development. The product integrates a couple of Microsoft acquisitions, GIANT AntiSpyware and Sybari, into what the company hopes will be a single security solution for businesses.

That package will also be included in the forthcoming release of Microsoft's next operating system, Windows Vista. Its inclusion could be viewed as monopolistic, and the EU's European Commission has asked for more information from Symantec.


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