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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Carmi Levy on Picking Blackberries

Carmi Levy has issued a press release:

U.S. Patent Office Ruling Frees Wireless Sector, Signals End of Frivolous Lawsuits, says Info-Tech Research Group

LONDON, ON, Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ - Info-Tech Research Group, the leading
IT analyst firm for mid-sized companies, says that the U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office's rejection of the five patents that are at the heart of a
lawsuit that has threatened to shut down Research In Motion's BlackBerry
service will once again return wide-open competition to the wireless e-mail
"The USPTO announcement sends two strong messages to the wireless
market," says Info-Tech analyst Carmi Levy. "The first is that predictions of
BlackBerry's imminent demise were highly premature and unnecessarily
inflammatory. The second is that life will get tougher on companies whose
business model consists of using patents to sue successful vendors instead of
competing for clients and markets."
If this ruling holds, NTP would have no basis for further action against
RIM. This could impact the pending U.S. District Court case in Virginia.
Judge James Spencer had earlier ordered both sides to hammer out a settlement
that could have seen RIM pay NTP upwards of $1 billion in damages.
"This ruling pulls the rug out from under NTP's court case, " says Levy.
"The rejection of all five patent claims takes the wind out of NTP's sails."
This case was widely viewed as a precedent for future litigation in this
space. Within the last month, Visto has sued Microsoft for violating its
mobile e-mail patents, while Inpro has initiated proceedings against RIM in
British court for intellectual property violations.
"If the original NTP/RIM lawsuit is ultimately tossed out of court,
other cases that were riding on NTP's coattails will have less chance of
success," says Levy. "The end of litigious frivolity could be upon us."

About Info-Tech Research Group
With a paid membership of over 25,000 worldwide, Info-Tech Research Group
is the global leader in providing information technology research and analysis
to the mid-sized enterprise market. It is North America's fastest growing
full-service IT analyst firm.

Carmi Levy is available for interviews at (888) 670-8889 or via e-mail at

SOURCE Info-Tech Research Group


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