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Friday, June 16, 2006

Educating the Providers, and the Buzz Crosses the Atlantic

As wi-fi spreads out to more and more places, sometimes the people who run the places don't even know that they offer wi-fi. Take British pubs:

One of the biggest problems to overcome in getting London unplugged and online with wireless internet access will be getting businesses to realise they are actually able to offer it to their customers.

A silicon.com investigation has unveiled widespread ignorance among the staff of London pubs that are offering wi-fi. Although we found the service is often up and running on their premises the majority of pubs contacted by silicon.com said they offered no such service.

In one instance, while compiling our guide to London's wi-fi pubs, we were rudely told that they had no such thing and to get off the phone and stop wasting time. At others our question either wasn't understood or was shrugged off with disinterest. At the Lord Moon of the Mall, part of the Wetherspoon's group, our question was met with a chuckling suggestion that the barman had rarely heard such a stupid question in all his years of pulling pints.

The internet in a pub, whatever next?

Impressively, most Wetherspoon's pubs in London offer wi-fi on their premises, so it seems even more remiss that staff employed by the group didn't know this fact....

Katie Hollier, head of marketing at The Cloud...said part of the problem is due to the fact the hotspot is installed in the ITbox games machines which many pubs have and the unit's manufacturer, Inspired Broadcast Networks, hasn't seen internet access as a marketing priority.

Speaking of games in London, NTN Buzztime has expanded outside of the United States and Canada:

Welcome to Buzztime, the new interactive entertainment system for pubs and hospitality venues.

Recently launched in the UK, Buzztime enables you to play a great variety of challenging quiz and casino games – for free, all day, and everyday.

See Where To Play for your nearest pub, or check out the Hall of Fame for the leaders of each game, and why not register for the Player Plus programme that entitles you to play selected games for prizes.

When I last visted a Buzztime location on this side of the pond, they were promoting a cross-Atlantic challenge on Saturday, July 8. I'll probably be in an airplane when this happens, unfortunately.


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