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Friday, February 24, 2006

Different Screen Resolutions for Different Audiences

My Blogpatrol counter collects screen resolutions from the visitors to my Ontario Technoblog (which is, naturally, somewhat technically oriented) and my Ontario Empoblog (which is more general interest, provided you have some pretty strange interests). In comparing the data from the two blogs, it's interesting to note that screen resolutions skew a bit differently depending upon the audience.

First, here's the data from visitors to this blog:

1024x768 30
1280x1024 19
800x600 8
1400x1050 4
1280x800 4
1152x864 2
1680x1050 1
1366x768 1
1920x1200 1

Now, here the data from the Empoblog:

1024x768 942
800x600 246
1280x1024 206
1280x800 66
1152x864 56
1400x1050 29
1440x900 27
1280x768 20
1600x1200 17
1280x854 16

Despite the fact that the Technoblog has a lot of visitors interested in the iPAQ, resolutions tend to skew higher on the Technoblog - 1920x1200 visitors never read about Kiira Korpi, Tim Liotta, Christopher Nance, or Krystal Fernandez, and the Technolog has more 1280x1024 visitors than 800x600 visitors - on the Empoblog it's the other way around.

This is what one would expect, but it's interesting to see it confirmed (albeit only in a small sample).

Also interesting to know that the majority of visitors are 1024x768.


Blogger STAG said...

Amazing so many people have medium resolution on their computers. Default setting perhaps? The lettering at medium is quite small, but still readable even to my old eyes!

I have noticed that many web sites just have too small lettering. I mean, it looks like it 20 point or smaller! An example would be the "citizenship quiz" you can find through Jennifer's Blog. I don't know if that is planned, or if there is some sort of problem with the way MY computer interprets the html. One of Jennifer's regular blogging buddies was unreadable because of that, for instance, (though I think he changed it) and the Symantec renewal site is just as bad! I complained, but even the complaints series of "voice mail" were in such small lettering that it was unreadable. I had to cut and paste the instructions to notepad to be able to read these things!
Am I alone in this 'plaint? I keep MY screen quite zoomed in at 800 x 600 pixils. The vast majority of blogs and web sites are just fine! Is it me?

Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

For the record, I just viewed and took the citizenship quiz (10 of 10!) and didn't encounter any issues with the size of the letters. And I took the test at 1024 x 768.

It's an interesting conflict - we want to get more and more stuff on our computer screens, but we realize that when we do, the results become less and less readable. I guess we'll all have to shift to 42" monitors.

Blogger STAG said...

that little scroll knob in the middle of your mouse....you hold down the "ctrl" key, and scroll it forward and back to adjust the size of the lettering!

Oh come on...you can't tell me you allready KNEW this....!!!!!!

Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

That's intuitive...turns out my mouse at work doesn't have a scroll button. Can't remember about the one at home...


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