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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blogs of note

Found this through an InfoWorld-sponsored networking service:

ECM Industry Watch. Sample post:

According to an upcoming AIIM Industry Watch Survey (for release end of July), suppliers of technology solutions in the compliance area should work hard to position their solution not only as "technology" per se, but also as helping in solving a key cost center -- documenting policies and procedures....

Someone else (Tim) mentioned that he has a health care technology blog, but you had to dig through his profile to find the link to Medical Connectivity. Sample post:

Entree Wireless has packaged the Kyocera mobile router...in a rugged, self-contained battery/charger/equipment package to provide a portable Wi-Fi hotspot....

Very cool. This is just the thing for a temporary triage area to support wireless computing devices, patient monitors and other wireless medical devices.


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