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Monday, October 09, 2006

57,000 Channels and Nothing On

Things have changed during my 44+ year lifespan. And Anne Sweeney is trumpeting this fact:

TV viewers are now in the driving seat in today's new digital media world, which promises to bring more varied entertainment to fans around the world in whatever way they want to consume it.

That was the powerful message by Anne Sweeney, one of the entertainment industry's most powerful and influential executives, to thousands of TV and digital media execuatives who have flocked here for the annual MIPCOM audiovisual show.

"Nobody can predict the future of the digital business because the viewers will drive that," Sweeney, who co-chairs Disney Media Networks and heads up the giant Disney-ABC Television Group, told a packed conference hall at the opening day of the five-day event.

"Viewers now have the upper hand and show no sign of giving it back," she added after outlining the group's strategy. This includes wheeling out a slew of new platforms ranging across mobile phones, to online and new broad-band players for viewers worldwide to view their favourite telly shows where, when and how they want.

And, despite the pretensions of myself and others to provide content (my content consisting of some pigs filmed at the L.A. County Fair), there are still people running around providing...um...quality entertainment.

With the world TV market booming and the digital entertainment revolution starting to reach consumers, this year's five-day MIPCOM show looks set to be particularly busy.

Almost 12,300 top TV, film, and digital content executives from 91 countries are due to jet into Cannes.

All the major telecom companies are also due in town. And they will be joined by all the heavyweight Hollywood studios, keen to supplement box office revenues on a plethora of new platforms.

Buyers will be out in force -- a good sign for TV fans. A total of 3,818, or 11 percent more than at the same time last year, have already signed up to attend and the final number could be higher than that.

But if the content providers can't provide, I have "Why I'm Glad I'm Male" waiting in the wings.

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