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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


A tagging service for gadgets? Why?

Here's the bottom line: BoomerangIt makes it easier for lost or stolen items to find their way back to you.

All you do is register your valuables in our secure database and attach BoomerangIt labels to those items. (You name it, we have a label for it.) If you lose something, whoever finds it will see the label instructions and can easily report a Found Item on our website or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-2BOOMIT. Then we take care of getting your property back to you....

What people are saying about BoomerangIt:
"It's nice to know that if I lose my digital camera, it might not be gone forever. Whoever finds it can contact me through BoomerangIt."
-- Genevieve Keller

"For someone like me who tends to lose a lot of things or at least misplace them, BoomerangIt makes me feel a little more comfortable knowing that there is a greater chance of getting something back. It's a small price (to pay) for that reassuring comfort."
-- Jason Graham

"I like (BoomerangIt)! As many gadgets and technological items as I have, I need a service like this."
-- Jeff Roller

"...BoomerangIt provides a valuable way of documenting items. In the event that they were lost or stolen, the insurance company could refer to this..."
--Gabriel Bissell

They offer a variety of products, including the following items of technological interest:

Small Business Pack $79.95
50 Accessory Labels
50 Multi-Purpose Labels
10 Snap-On Luggage Tags
110 registrations / 10 years
The Small Business Pack serves two important functions: it gives you a well-organized, accessible anytime/anywhere record of ownership, while helping lost or stolen property find its way back to you. So for about seven cents a year per item, you can protect thousands of dollars worth of your company's assets, track them for internal accounting or insurance purposes and assure yours and your associates’ peace of mind.

Label-It-All Pack $39.95
10 Multi-Purpose Labels
20 Accessory Labels
30 registrations / 10 years
The BoomerangIt Label-It-All Pack is a great value if you are looking to protect many household items. If lost or stolen, your belongings may not be gone forever - and with this pack it's only about a dime per item per year for your piece of mind! You get enough labels for everyone's cell-phones, PDAs, cameras, portable CD and DVD players, as well as for all the handheld computer games, scooters, tennis racquets, and all the little things kids tend to misplace. This is a good option for protecting your home office assets, too.

Six-Pack (Accessory Labels) $14.95
6 Accessory Labels
6 registrations / 10 years
The 6-Pack (Accessory Labels) works great for all your portable electronics - cell phone, PDA, camera, CD or MP3 player, chargers and other accessories, a label even fits on the back of a wrist watch.


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