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Thursday, September 22, 2005

From Bean Bags to Pillows

Back at work, I was waiting for a computer software repair when I took the OPN pillow out of my handy dandy Oracle OpenWorld bag.

Allow me to explain. My company is a member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), which sponsored an itty bitty game for the partners. We were given fake passports which could be stamped as you did various things (took an OPN survey, attended an Oracle demo, etc.).

If you get 7 stamps, you get an Oracle Partner Network pillow.

If you get 10 stamps, you get something else and a chance to compete for wonderful prizes.

I only got 7 stamps, so I got the pillow, which came with a straw and instructions to insert the straw in the valve to inflate/deflate, and to remove the straw during.

So I inflated, and got a nice pillow. Couldn't find a place to put the straw, but I got a nice pillow.

Tried to deflate, but couldn't.

Perhaps Oracle University offers a course in pillow inflation/deflation for non-technical personnel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I run a consultantcy company which specializes in Inflation/Deflation of many things. Our speciality is pillows and matresses. We have very reasonable fees. Travel expenses are excluded and a minimum 4 hour call out.
We are based in Sydney, Australia.

Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

Don't think I'll pay the airfare for that call... :)


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