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Monday, September 19, 2005

Oracle Acknowledges the Ontario Technoblog (Sort Of)

As of now Oracle OpenWorld 2005 Blog Center hasn't (to my knowledge) directly linked to any of my posts about Oracle OpenWorld (which have been devoid of content until an hour ago [1] [2] [3] [4]), but it has linked to a post that linked to one of my posts about Oracle OpenWorld. (Links are like that.)

Here's part of what Just Another Nerd said:

I've been inspired by the Ontario Technoblog to write more about my experience on getting to OpenWorld.

Like any good technophile my journey started well before my flight left. Deciding on thing like:
How many laptops should I bring?
What other things should I bring?
MP3 Player, Blackberry, Other cell phone, camera
Where am I staying?
Best Western...by the airport - they have free wireless!...


In case you're wondering, my answers to JAN's questions are as follows:

  • 1 (I only have access to one)

  • Cell phone/charger, peer review notes, cheat sheet for "Music Man," Rewards Network restaurant list

  • Hilton Garden Inn...by the airport - they have free high speed Internet!...(faster, thus better than wireless

The Nerd also has a valuable tip, but I don't really have the time to pursue it:

Many people talk about how expensive it is to get around SF...so far I haven't spent a dime on getting around the city. Most places that I want to go are around the Fisherman's Warf area (Alcatraz, Golden Gate...etc). The best way to get to these places for free is to take one of the many OpenWorld busses. Take the bus from your hotel to the convention center...from there pickup the #5 bus (at Moscone South) and get off at the first stop (Holiday Inn) go north about 2 blocks and you're at Fisherman's Warf! The #5 runs about every 20 minutes ... all day! It takes about 20-30 minutes to get from the Moscone center to the Holiday Inn. Once you're done hope back on the bus at the Holiday Inn and enjoy the trip back to the Moscone Center...all for "free."

And in another post, the Nerd had some valuable advice:

I would like to add one piece of advice for everyone attending OpenWorld...this really only applies to about .5% of the people here, but maybe one of them will read this and make the conference better for everyone.

Things NOT to do at OpenWorld:

  • Answer your cell phone in the middle of a session and talk for 10 minutes. If the call is that important get up and leave the room...we paid money to listen to the speaker, not you.

  • Don't stop at the top/bottom of the stairs to read/dial your phone/talk with a friend/look at your schedule. The stairs can fit about 2 people across...if you stop at the top or bottom you create a "road block" for the 1000 people behind you. Please move off to the side.

  • Don't stop in the middle of the hall way either. Please see the above for reasoning.

By the way, when Just Another Nerd talked about blocking 1000 people, the Nerd wasn't kidding. For example, the keynote sessions took place Monday morning in Moscone Center North. They are scheduled to end at 10:30, giving people one-half hour to scatter to a bunch of sessions in Moscone North, Moscone South, Moscone West, and some surrounding hotels. Around 10:45 I had to get to a session on the third floor of Moscone West. There were probably thousands of people getting on the escalators on the first floor of Moscone West, heading up to the second and third floors for 11:00 sessions.


Blogger Jared said...

OE - I'm staying about 2 blocks from you...we should meet up at some point since we probably take the same bus back and forth to the center. Networking is fun :) hit my BlackBerry sometime (openWorld@averen.us) and we can figure it out. I'm not really sure how I got onto the OraBlogs twice...hopefully it's gotten you some extra traffic as well!

Blogger Jared said...

As of today it looks like you've made it onto OraBlogs twice now too :)

Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

I just saw that. :)


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