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Friday, September 16, 2005

Internet Hunting

In this post I'm concentrating on the technological issues.

From Government Technology:

California Bill To Outlaw Internet Hunting Goes to Governor
Sep 02, 2005 By News Staff

The sport known as "Internet hunting" would be banned in California under SB 1028 by Senator Debra Bowen (D-Redondo Beach), which was approved Monday by the Senate on a bipartisan 27-5 vote and now awaits the Governor for his signature.

"Killing animals over the Internet is about as sporting as shooting fish in a barrel and it ought to bother animal lovers and true hunters everywhere," said Bowen. "It takes absolutely zero hunting skill to log onto a web site and click a computer mouse to kill an animal."

An Internet hunting site sets up rifles near waterholes or wildlife feeders and connects them to video cameras that allow cyberspace "hunters" to watch their computer screen until they spot a target. The "hunter" then uses their computer to line up the rifle and fire a shot. One person in Texas has received national attention for being the first remote-assisted hunting operation to be open for business at www.live-shot.com....

Live-shot.com explains how it works:

LIVE-SHOT is similar to a trip to the rifle range with one very notable exception. Everything is done through a computer and the internet. A paid membership will allow for access to the range viewing camera(s) at any time. Members can then schedule a reserved session time which allows exclusive control of the shooting system to fire at a choice of various reactive targets. Please note that the shooting range is an outdoor facility located on a secluded ranch in the Texas hill country. Please take this into consideration while shooting is taking place, as weather can affect accuracy.

Shooting sessions are normally scheduled at the beginning of each week. We watch the local weather forecast and coordinate sessions with the weather and range personnel. An e-mail is sent to all active members when sessions are available.

At all times during a shooting session, someone is at the shooting station and is available to answer questions (telephone, e-mail, instant messaging, web-cam), provide assistance, and ensure a quality experience. This person has the ability to override the firing mechanism of the system to minimize the chance of a dangerous or illegal discharge from occurring.


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