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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Latest Oracle OpenWorld Coverage

I will not arrive in San Francisco for another 12 hours, but others have already arrived or are on the way there.

Jared, on Saturday:

Well, I made it to Open World in San Francisco! It looks to be quite the experience. Today was a fairly slow day. I'm doing the Xtreme Weekend training so I just had one class....

Getting here was quite the event. I was supposed to have a one way flight...with a stop in Houston. They decided to have us change planes so that translated into walking across the entire airport! Once I arrived in San Francisco I was told that my hotel reservation had been cancelled...that, is not cool!

Everything turned out fine, I have a roof over my head and free wireless internet...that happens to wig out rather often, but it works...mostly.

Bitman faced some challenges also:

Arrived yesterday, very late. They must have had the worst pilot available at Air west - a more bumby, swinging and lack of information you have to look long for. Delays and long waits, had me at the hotel at 10pm....

Day 1 - September 17th
Everything seems to be running pretty smooth so far. The bus came on time, and registration was a breeze. Getting in with the first bus is most likely part of that success :)....

After registrering - which was a breeze - I walked about San Fransisco and surveyed the close by blocks. I found a Quiznoss and got a bite to eat, and then headed back to the conference center. I walked the grounds and found the keynote area ... and 15000+ chairs lined up!! One of the banners boasted 25000 accounts setup for the attendies during the conference. No matter, there's gonna be some rush come Monday morning when this thing starts for real....

And here's the perspective from the daughter of an OpenWorld attendee:

Today my dad went to San Francisco to go to the Oracle OpenWorld convention. He woke at 5, and my mom drove him to the airport. He'll be staying there for about a week...I told him to get me a lot of pens at the convention. I love logo pens. But they have to be cool logos, mind you =o

As of this moment I happen to be carrying a pen from the Covered Wagon Motel in Lusk, Wyoming. I think this one's cool, but others may not.


Blogger Jared said...

Have you made it here yet? Hope you were able to check out the keynote by Dana Carvey Sunday night...it was excellent!

Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

My flight landed at 8:30. I didn't even know that Carvey was here until Monday morning.


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