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Thursday, September 08, 2005

On Turning Two

From ORACLE Magazine:

Two years ago, Oracle announced Oracle Database 10g, the first database to be "grid-enabled"—meaning the database could run across a clustered group of servers that could be managed as a single entity. By implementing computing grids with Oracle Database 10g, companies would gain improved resource utilization and increased data availability and would have the option of standardizing on low-cost commodity hardware.

In order for this vision to work successfully, the database needed to be largely self-managing. So Oracle Database 10g introduced a host of new management features that made the database more self-aware and self-tuning, including a set of advisors, a diagnostics framework, and a built-in repository containing operational statistics about the database. Oracle also enhanced its system management software, with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control allowing administrators to manage their entire Oracle environment and group and manage related resources more efficiently.

Now, Oracle has made available the second release of Oracle Database 10g. This new version of the database has significant features and improvements of interest to database administrators, application developers, and IT managers.



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