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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

From Thomas Kyte

Found here:

We would like to request your help as an active oracle Weblogger. Would you be so kind to announce our survey in your weblog. It is a very short survey (3-5 minutes) about the influence of weblogs on knowledge work. We think that it will help webloggers to understand, what they really do.

If you have any chance to announce our survey on your weblog or to forward the survey to oracle-bloggers, we would be very grateful. Please access the survey here: http://www.adenquire.net/pd5g0022/

Be sure, the scope of the questionnaire is academic and non-profit. The data you submit are kept strictly confidential and anonymous. Thanks for taking your time and please feel free to forward this survey to persons that might be interested. Best regards, and thanks for support and participation,

Stephan and Gordon

P.S.: The summarized results of this survey will be published on our website http://www.ku-eichstaett.de/Fakultaeten/WWF/Lehrstuehle/OP


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