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Monday, September 19, 2005

Paul Otellini and a "Wi Fi Free" San Francisco at Oracle OpenWorld

I already audioblogged about this, but for the benefit of my deaf readers, let me note that during his keynote address, Paul Otellini of Intel misspoke at one point, saying that the mayor of San Francisco wanted to establish a "Wi-Fi free" city. He quickly corrected himself, noting that the mayor actually wanted "free Wi-Fi."

Richard Rendell watched the Intel speech from the same spot that I did:

With so many people at OOW the keynotes are being video broadcast in other rooms - I'm in room 104 right now watching the Intel part of the keynote. There are about 1,000 people in the foyer of Mosone North watching a video screen there. Many are sitting on the floor and on beanbags pounding away on their laptops or scribbling notes. Many people standing also. Chuck Phillips focused on Fusion and announced Oracle Applications will in the future also work on WebSphere. We are a happy to compete he said. The underlying message of his keynote was that via our midtier we can interoperate with anything that has a standard services interface. People were gathered around monitors setup throughout the Moscone complexes as I walked here. There were queues just to get a coffee....

Here's Oracle's take on Otellini's speech:

[Charles] Phillips thanked the attendees and turned the microphone over to Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel.

"Oracle is a critical partner and you are all critical technology partners," Otellini said, sweeping his hand across the crowed.

"Growth is back in the technology industry," Otellini said. "And I'm here to talk to you about what's driving this growth and give you the heads-up on what's to come."

"The reason for growth is that as an industry we've continued to invested, innovate, and build products that people want." Otellini gave some impressive numbers of units his company has shipped over the past year and noted that what's driving the growth is laptops. Laptop use is growing, he said, because of something that didn't even exist a few years ago: WiFi. "WiFi has become the new normal, and that's what people to expect technology companies to do—create the new normal. We're committed to mobile technology."

Otellini went on to discussed multicore processors and announce five new business units built around Intel mobile architecture: Mobility, Digital Home, Digital Health, Channel Platforms, and Digital Enterprise.

"We're customizing microprocessors and the chipsets around them to bring new capabilities into all of these platforms."

At the end, attendees filed out clutching their complementary t-shirt emblazoned with the words, "I'm hot pluggable, are you?"

Well, except for me. I left early. But I have too many t-shirts anyway.


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