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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Work and Play

From ORACLE Magazine:

Let's face it—we'd all like to be having more fun at work, even though few job descriptions, corporate mission statements, or HR Web sites ever promise that work will be fun. Yet those who are most successful in their fields are clearly having fun. If you talk to professional athletes or concert violinists about what they want, they might use different words, but the essence is the same: They want to be better players, playing a better game. This, in essence, is what we all strive for. In work terms, a better game means that less time is spent on repetitive or low-value tasks and more time is spent on activities that make a difference to the organization.

According to an August 2003 Computerworld survey, job satisfaction in IT correlates strongly with "access to new and challenging technologies" and "opportunities for additional training and enhancement of skills." This is all about playing a better game. And business intelligence (BI) technology is becoming a bigger part of this game.

According to InfoWorld, business intelligence technology is being used more widely across organizations than ever before—and it is supporting more and more users. Seventy percent of the people who responded to an April 2004 InfoWorld survey plan to increase the number of employees who have access to BI solutions.

Although I'd like to think that these managers want their people to have more fun, there is a basic business reason why these technology investments are increasing. A September 2004 IDC report on the financial impact of BI projects concluded that the median return on investment for business analytics is 112 percent. Most bottom-line thinkers like things that pay for themselves.



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