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Friday, October 07, 2005

What is is, and what it isn't - notes from the MSB

MSB stands for mainstream bloggers, by the way.

You'll recall that I wrote the following a few days ago regarding the Google-Sun announcement:

So, for all the hoopla, all that's guaranteed is that Google users can get JRE, and Sun users can get a toolbar.


C/NET reports similar views elsewhere:

After much brouhaha leading up to Tuesday's announcement of a new Sun Microsystems and Google partnership, many bloggers were left scratching their heads at a press event they considered anticlimactic....

[F]ar from what many had hoped for--an online application meant to rival Microsoft Office--the two companies announced simply that they would collaborate on work on Sun's OpenOffice.org, Java and OpenSolaris, and Google's Toolbar. Details about what exactly that will entail were vague at best, with the only nugget offered being that Sun, in the immediate future, will make Google's toolbar a standard part of the package when users download Sun's Java Runtime Environment from the server seller's Web site....

C/NET then quotes several bloggers. Rough Type (Nicholas Carr) summed up the post-announcment mood as follows:

I'm at this very moment looking at two headlines in an AP news feed and trying to figure out which one is more banal:

Sun, Google in Software Distribution Pact


Pamela Anderson Gets Restraining Order

Carr links to Dana Gardner, who sees some future potential, but not a lot at present:

As Mel Brooks once said, "It's good to be the king." And with Google firmly on the top of the IT zeitgeist hill, and Sun Microsystems sort of feverishly building fortifications and levees in the meadows below, Google is in a great position to co-opt … err, I mean, partner with Sun. What's Sun gonna do, tell him to get in line behind Microsoft?...

Yes, the trenchant announcement today that those folks who soon download Sun's latest JVM for their local runtime pleasure will also get a free Google browser toolbar (it's like you get the Ginsu knives free after paying $20 for the spatula) must be Sun's way of saving face. Wouldn't it make more sense to give a shiny new JVM to everyone that downloads a Google tool bar? Certainly IE on Windows clients....

Sun's strengths and Google's interests do align really well, on the back end and the client. The competitive landscape also suits Sun and Google pairing up where it makes sense, and it makes a lot of cents. What's good for Sun and Google is not so good for Microsoft, Intel, IBM, BEA, and HP. Yet it won't really upset the field of play for SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.com-anche....

Now, who needs to worry most about Sun and Google making happy-face? I say it's the voice and data networks providers, the Verizons, Sprints, SBCs, BTs, MCIs, BellSouths, and France Telecoms. Because if Sun+Google=Voice and Data Efficiencies as a service stream, aka Webtone, par excellence, on a global scale, then who are you gonna call when you need business services?


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