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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No, thank YOU

This probably sounds like a whiny complaint, but isn't this what blogs are all about?

Other than the local newspaper, I just realized that I don't pay for a subscription to ANYTHING. Yet, due to the nature of my position, I have qualified to subscriptions to several technical magazines. I'm sure that you've qualified for some subscriptions also. Therefore, it's a surprise when something like this happens.

I was offered a free subscription to Advanced Imaging some time ago. As is true with such things, you occasionally have to requalify. So I got this in the mail:



Only once - If you respond now!

Renew online at www.advancedimagingpro.com

So I dutifully went to the website to renew, entered my subscriber number, my last name, and the bold red PRIORITY CODE that they sent me. After confirming my information and providing information on my position, I got the following message:

We appreciate your interest in Advanced Imaging magazine. Unfortunately, due to strict qualification requirements and independent audit regulations, we are unable to add your name to our complimentary subscription list. You can, however, be part of a growing number of industry professionals who read Advanced Imaging on a regular basis. Your subscription can help you take advantage of our comprehensive coverage of video, photographic, and document-based imaging technologies, products, systems, and services.

So why, after even entering the oh-so-holy PRIORITY CODE, was I unable to renew my free subscription? Probably due to the job category that I entered - "Other."

Why did I choose this category? Because...shudder...I'm in marketing.

And Advanced Imaging, like Interex before it, markets to the techies rather than the marketers. But remember what happened to Interex.

It's a common belief that technical magazines should market services to technical personnel:

Leading technical magazines deliver solutions to the IT managers, architects and developers creating the next generation of business applications—the best way to market to these key influences.

The theory, of course, is that the technical folks will recommend, and the non-technical folks will immediately agree. Here's a fictionalized conversation between Albert Wozniak and Bob Kawasaki:

ALBERT (adjusting his pocket protector): Hey Bob!

BOB (putting down his "Visualizing E-Commerce Paradigms" book): Yes, Albert?

ALBERT: We need to buy an SOA-compliant E-Widget from Megacorp. They were interviewed by Interex Magazine and are highly recommended.

BOB: OK. Because I have been hired into a marketing position rather than an engineering position, I trust you completely and will not apply my critical thinking to this purchase.

What this means is that the marketing director at Interex Magazine would not qualify for a subscription to his/her own magazine, which is interesting....

[OE UPDATE 8 FEBRUARY - I got my subscription]


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