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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Faulty Experiment Design, And A Second Attempted Correction

I made a mistake when I designed my experiment on Saturday, July 22. That was the day in which I discussed the strategy which put Senator William Napoli's website at the top of Google searches for "sexist asshat."

If you read to the end of that post, you probably figured out what my experiment was going to be. In case you didn't, I was (and still am) trying to ensure that the Ontario Technoblog is the first-listed search item when you perform a Google search for the words "top technoweenie blog."

This morning, I realized the mistake that I made in my experiment: I used the term on the target page itself. Granted, after a couple of months (if I behave myself from now on) the term will scroll off the main page of this blog. Still, I've ruined the experiment by repeating the phrase in this blog, so any Google results are naturally faulty.

So I attempted the experiment a second time, selecting a new phrase, designing a link which used the new phrase, and pointing the link toward the Ontario Empoblog. (The phrase, by the way, was superdangdang. The phrase "superdang" was already taken.)

However, I made one mistake. Instead of posting that entry in the Ontario Technoblog, I mistakenly posted it in the Ontario Empoblog. Since the phrase "superdangdang" now inadvertently appears in the Ontario Empoblog, and even deletion of the post from that blog would not delete it from various rss feeds and caches, the experiment is ruined.

So I have to try again. (Pause while I double check to make sure THIS post is going in the Ontario Technoblog. Whew.)

Now I have to choose a phrase that has not appeared in the Ontario Empoblog, or anywhere else yet. Borrowing an idea from a post in my relatively new blog at MySpace, and after a sanity check, I can proceed.

Now all that I have to do is to ensure that the Ontario Empoblog remains Cindy Margolisless.


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