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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Sydney Morning Players - Fire (ouch!)

This is probably more a Carmi Levy thing, but I'll note it anyway.

InfoWorld links to a Sydney Morning Herald article:

A reader in Singapore, who has requested that he not be identified, told us his Dell laptop supplied to him by his company had been involved in a similar act of self-immolation.

The incident took place one evening in early November. The man was working late in the office when the computer, which was running on battery power, suddenly began to make "popping noises".

"It wasn't quite an explosion, but white smoke began to pour out of the machine, completely filling up the room, and there were flames coming up the sides of the laptop," he said.

Carmi hasn't covered this story yet, but he's talked about the issue before.


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

I just sent the following message to Blogger. Until this is fixed, you can find me at blog.myspace.com/oemperor

- - - - - - -

On Friday morning, I tried to add the new blog "Ontario Logoblog" at ologo.blogspot.com, subsequently was then told it already existed, but was unable to modify it. Later I successfully added ologo66.blogspot.com with the "Ontario Logoblog" name. I successfully posted to the latter blog. Later that day, I logged on via Blogger and received an "Unexpected error" message. Apparently I was logged on - I could comment on messages from other blogs - but I could not get to the screen to post or maintain my own blogs.

Tried the same thing from a second computer later that day, got the same message.

Just happened to look at my profile http://www.blogger.com/profile/2102803 and noticed that TWO Ontario Logoblogs appear. However, the first Ontario Logoblog (ologo.blogspot.com) is "Not found."

In short, I can't get to my dashboard, can't post to any of my blogs, and I have a "created" blog that is inaccessible and cannot be deleted.

Can this be fixed?


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