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Thursday, September 08, 2005


I thought I was done for the night, but Blogger "next blog" surfing led me to the blog Of Programming and Algorithms, by Jack.

Jack has entered the following plea in one of his posts. Perhaps you can help him:

As it's heavily related to my job, I have profound interest in search engine. SERP, keyword manipulation and clarification, search ranking algorithms, image search and identification algorithms, keyword clustering, etc. (btw, can anyone guess which company I am in?)

So if any of you have any news, articles or snippets, urls to share, feel free to comment here. In particular, I'm looking for open source clustering algorithms (not related server clusters) such as Carrot. You can try the search here. But the prob is, Carrot framework is in Java. It'll be great if there's one in php or perl or asp or some other scripting languages....

His other blog is not technological, but it deals with an issue that companies face often:

First post, and it's about losing an arm. One of my subordinates is leaving on a 3 day notice....

I'll probably see a lot of resumes at Oracle OpenWorld.


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