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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Locate Weather Observation Station Record

The NOAA station locator page allows you to locate a US-controlled weather station based upon several criteria, including:


State/Division/County/City *

List Radar Stations by Name / by Alias

Search By: Select the field you wish to search
Station Name */City* (city not identified in some records)
Zip Code *
State * (use two character abbreviation)
County * (county not identified in some records)
WBAN # *
Call Sign *
Cooperative Station ID# *
World Meteorological Organization ID# *

This station (at 34°04'N / 117°39'W, near downtown Ontario) was operational in Ontario, California from 1929 to 1938.

This station (at 34°03'N / 117°36'W, labeled as "Ontario AAF" which presumably stands for "Army Air Force") was operational from 1942 to 1945.

This station (at 34°03'N / 117°36'W, at Ontario International Airport) has been operational since 1949.


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