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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Free Wi-Fi

The natives are restless. Read this item from Erik Olsen:

I don’t know about you, but I think that wi-fi costs are absurd. I have given up spending time working in most Starbucks because they have contracted with T-Mobile to provide wi-fi connectivity to customers, and T-mobile, in my honest and absolutely correct opinion, is a rip off....[W]e drop into a Starbucks to have a coffee, check email and maybe surf the Web for an hour, and for this T-Mobile charges $6....

The same goes with some airports. In Burbank, I tried to get online just to check email and they wanted to charge me $8 for the service. Come on! Provide a $2-3 quick connect fee and I’m up for it, but $8, forget it. Maybe if you can expense the cost this is for you....

Here is a resource that folks who share my opinion might find very useful. It lists the airports around the country that provide free wi-fi access, some of which are terminal specific (like Jet Blue at JFK and Long Beach) and others that cover the entire airport. Portland is one airport that provides free wi-fi (good for them)....

[OE UPDATE: Ontario, California specific information here.]


Blogger cid said...

have you ever read about the stratellite project? basically, they're automated airships which hover as a high altitude communications gateway.

easy to deploy (and even easier to update when new technology presents itself. i think it looks sick.

and it should cost a fraction of what traditional satellites do--whether those savings will in turn be shared with us consumers? i dunno. but thanks for your comments on my site. i didn't realize i had anybody reading it. take care.


0wn yourself


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