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Monday, September 12, 2005


From the main page of seedwiki.com:

like email, seedwiki lets you write to others, but it keeps everything you write, and all of their responses, together in one place

like online meeting software, seedwiki lets a group organize and plan together, but everyone in the group does not have to be able to "attend" at the same time

like web publishing software or desktop publishing software seedwiki lets you compose, style and publish your content for a wide audience, except you do it all in your browser, with no procedures to remember or files to upload.

like a spread sheet or a database seedwiki allows you to build complexity into your work as and when you need, you can choose from a wide selection of existing widgets or have new widgets built to do special tasks

like a web portal seedwiki lets you make more than one site to deal with different areas rather than having to jam everything you want to say and do into one big structure

like social networking sites seedwiki lets you build a network of people that you have ties to

Seedwiki offers several account levels, including a free account level (no password protection, anyone can change anything, up to 250 megabytes storage).

They compare themselves to other wiki providers here.


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