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Friday, October 07, 2005

A Ladytron Post in the Technoblog

Yes, a true post about Ladytron, not just a song reference. I just ran across this old interview with Daniel Hunt, in which he was discussing the band's favorite equipment in the "Light & Magic" time period.

What are your favorite pieces of electronic musical equipment, and which do you think has the greatest effect on your sound and/or approach to composing music?

I love my Roland SH09, it's all over the record. Mira loves her Korg MS20, Reuben loves his Korg MS10, But we record on a PowerMac, which has to be the most important item of kit actually. Steve Jobs gets a thank you on our album.

And, of course, Ladytron isn't the only person using a Macintosh in recording. Take Moby (circa 2002):

The only fully separate room is Moby's recording studio, a fastidiously organized, double-walled space filled with winking LEDs, racks of keyboards, and a pair of Macintosh computers - a G3 and a G4 - on which he composed 18. The G3 runs the dozens of MIDI keyboards, samplers, and drum machines lined up on the studio's custom-built shelving. The new G4 records and manipulates vocals and live instruments (Pro Tools, the Word of the music-production world, is his basic software).

Of course, the one thing about accessibility is its accessibility. Anyone can use the Macintosh to record. Most of the songs that I released on mp3.com in the last millennium were assembled on a Macintosh. (For the record, the only mp3 that is still available online, "Non Sequitur 15," was recorded on a Windows ME computer.)


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