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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oracle Database 11g Additional Blog Coverage

Here's what others have written about Oracle Database 11g (or whatever the database after 10g will be called).

Tom Sanders:

The next 11g version of Oracle's flagship database applications will offer a total of 482 new features, the company's executive vice president of server technologies, Chuck Rozwat, said at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

In addition to increased speed and performance, the application will introduce features spanning areas including content management, high availability, business intelligence and compression technology. The latter could reduce an enterprise's storage need by up to 66 per cent, the company touted.

The software is currently in beta and Oracle didn't provide a projected launch date.

Justin Kestelyn:

Andy Mendelsohn offered some more details about Oracle Database 11g Beta:

If the key theme of 10g was "lowering the cost of ownership" (by 50% in fact), that of 11g is "lowering the cost (and risk) of change management" (or providing "change assurance", as Andy calls it), which by most reckoning is a major cost in IT. Hence Rozwat's focus on scalability, availability, and database operations in his keynote yesterday.

Key features include a new Data Guard infrastructure that supports "Flashback Standby" - the ability to create a standby snapshot for the purpose of regression testing and to keep it in sync with your production database; "Replay Workload" for capturing all (or just SQL) DB activity and then moving it to a testing environment (with no midtier tool required); rolling Online Application Upgrades - install app upgrades or patches online with no downtime!; hot patching; "Quick Fault Resolution" via the capture of all diagnostics related to a fault automatically; and a DB Repair Advisor, a wizard/expert system that guides DBAs through the fault diagnosis and resolution process.

Other features include more robust partitioning options to help manage VLDBs (such as partitioning by logical object and automated partition creation); a brand-new high-performance LOB infrastructure; native Java & PL/SQL compilers; and a re-engineered driver for PHP.

Mark Rittman:

The morning started off with the Chuck Rozwat keynote on Oracle's database technology, a run through of the new 10g products launched this year (Content Database, Records Database, BI Suite EE) and with a formal announcement of Oracle Database 11g, currently in beta and with a production release during the second half of 2007.

Rozwat mentioned some 482 new features in 11g, but with no specific details in this presentation....

[S]ome of the new features in 11g previewed in the [Andy Mendelsohn] session included:

A new data warehouse initiative called "Oracle Information Appliance", a package of hardware and software offered by third-parties...that aims to provide a turnkey, ready-to-run DW appliance based on commodity servers, RAC, ASM and 10g....

ILM Assistant, a Application Express utility downloadable from OTN that leverages partitioning, compression and 10g to help customers move less-used data onto lower cost storage.

New partitioning schemes coming with 11g, including more ways to combine range, list and hash partitioning, plus new schemes such as REF (creates partitioning scheme based on another table that has a FK relationship to the table being partitioned), Interval (automatic creation of time-based partitions), Virtual Column (partitioning based on a function - I wonder if "virtual columns" is a general feature coming with 11g?), and a new Partition Advisor.

Change Assurance capabilities, where new features in 11g will allow you to deploy a new database application, have the existing version run until such time as you're happy with the new release, and then have users switch over to the new one with no downtime. This idea was then extended to include online, live hot-patching of the Oracle database....

Automatic Diagnostic Repository, a feature that collects (like AWR) diagnostic data for later analysis and uploading to Oracle Support - aimed at making the SR process easier by [automating] the collection of diagnostic data. I wonder if this will be open to non-Oracle support use....


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