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Monday, October 17, 2005

Another Wi-Fi Cloud is in the Bidding Stage

From SiliconValley.com / Yahoo:

San Francisco officials released responses Friday from 17 companies -- including Web search giant Google -- that are interested in bringing affordable wireless Internet connections to the entire city.

Google has offered to build the network for free, as has fellow Mountain View company MetroFi. Google's eight-page response was heavy on company philosophy, but provided few details on the company's blueprint for a San Francisco wireless Internet, or WiFi, network.

The company hopes to work with San Diego-based WFI, which would provide network engineering and installation services. Google also hopes to leverage its skill at bringing ultra-targeted advertising to those who use its network....

MetroFi's proposal was far longer and outlined the details for how it would build a citywide WiFi network. The company operates similar networks in Cupertino and Santa Clara, and charges subscribers $19.95 a month for access.

In MetroFi's proposal for San Francisco, residents and businesses could connect to the Internet for free if they agreed to keep a small advertising window open on their computers. Otherwise, customers would pay $14.95 a month for a 1-mps connection. One megabit equals 1,000 kilobits....

City officials said they expected to make a decision by the end of the month on whether to launch a formal request for proposals or to enter into direct negotiations with a company....

So much for a wi-fi free San Francisco... :)


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