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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Integrating musical information into blog posts

Followup from here. The information below is dated 2003, but I am not trendy so that's OK. Don't know if the referenced plug-in works with Windows Media Player 10, which I use.

Part of the new Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack is the Blogging plug-in. The Blogging plug-in is designed to make it easier for you to add information to your blog entry about the song currently playing on your computer. Posting the name of the song and artist that you're listening to is a great way to share your mood with your friends, family, and audience....

To use the Blogging plug-in, you must download and install it and you must have a compatible blog client application and blog host service....

The Blogging plug-in builds upon the new plug-in feature of Windows Media Player 9 Series by making it easier for third-party programs to identify the currently playing song. The plug-in operates in the background and has no user interface. You'll notice it's working by seeing the currently-playing song information displayed in the title bar of the Player. This can be useful in itself, even if you don't publish a blog....

Using the Blogging plug-in, you can make the following information about your music available:

• Current Album

• Current Author

• Duration of Song

• Title of Song

• Name of File

A wide range of Windows XP-compatible applications that work with the different services allow you to author and post blog entries....This list [w.bloggar, Semagic, LiveJournal Client for Windows] includes blog programs that are known to be compatible with the plug-in at the time of this column; other blog programs may also be compatible....


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