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Friday, January 12, 2007

iPhones from Teledex

This is the first in a series on many different iPhones that have nothing to do with Steve Jobs (except for one possible exception).

From the Teledex web site:

What Makes iPhone Different?
Teledex iPhone IP and iPhone Hybrid phones have been designed from the ground up specifically for the unique needs of the hospitality market.

Unlike some other VoIP solutions that may be used in hotels, that are simply repurposed designs originally designed for other applications, both the hardware and software of iPhone has been designed with hotel applications in mind.

From the layout of the interface, to the color touch screen display, to simple-to-use content management tools, only iPhone is designed with the hotelier (and their guests) in mind....

The Teledex iPhone IP is designed for the specific needs of today’s hotel environment. Combining VoIP voice and rich, graphical content in one stunning new design that’s easy for guests to use, iPhone brings you new ways to generate new revenues and cut your operating costs.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, if any of the visitors from a particular company would like to share their take on the whole iPhone controversy, please feel free to do so...


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